Meet The Team

The Physics and Maths behind the Physics and Mathematics Competition

Jae Min Seo

Co-Founder - Logistics and Outreach

Jae Min is a third year Biomedical Engineering student, currently specialising in medical software and biosensors. He has always had an interest in mathematics and likes to read and watch videos about it in his spare time. When Jae Min is not doing university work, he likes to play sports, play the guitar, and work on other personal projects.

Hajin Kim

Co-Founder - Tech Lead

Hajin is a third year Software Engineering student at University of Auckland. Though he does not intend to further his study in physics and math, he always misses studying for NCEA physics and calculus. He asserts that anyone who can discern green light and red light can do well in physics and mathematics, and he is passionate to deliver opportunities for students to delight in being challenged by difficult problems and learning new things.

Alex de Beer

Education Lead

Alex is a third year Engineering Science student, interested in optimisation and machine learning. He is excited to work as part of the NZPMC team to give high school students the ability to put their physics and maths skills to the test. Outside of university, Alex enjoys orienteering, distance running, and watching baby hippopotamus videos.

Beverley Sun

Software Engineer

Beverley is a third year Software Engineering student at the University of Auckland with a particular interest in web development. She has always enjoyed physics and maths from a young age and even today, has an almost unhealthy obsession with Michael from Vsauce (among other educational YouTube channels). Beverley sees a bright future for NZPMC and hopes it can provide a fun and competitive environment for young students interested in physics and mathematics.