Meet Our Team

The NZPMC team consists of a wide array of passionate people from many backgrounds and cities throughout New Zealand and globally.


Hajin Kim


Hajin is a Software Engineering Graduate of The University of Auckland, working as a backend engineer in a software company that specialises in project management and collaboration tools. He enjoys playing pop/classical piano, running, and going on a trip in his spare time. He is interested in making NZPMC accessible and enjoyable to every high school student. Hajin has a great interest in education, and he is always keen to mentor future students into the STEM career path. 

Hyunbin Ko


Hyunbin is an Engineering Graduate of The University of Auckland working as a Data Scientist in a global civil engineering consultancy. Through NZPMC, he wishes to provide opportunities for any students to explore STEM. His responsibilities include managing projects, communicating with stakeholders and making executive decisions.

JooHui Lee

JooHui is a second year student at the University of Auckland, studying computer science and fine arts. She loves working as part of the NZPMC team to make science more fun and accessible for secondary students! Other than this, JooHui enjoys eating good food, playing or listening to good music, travelling, taking photos of pretty things, reading, swimming at the beach, and spending quality time with friends! 

William Falconer Beach

I am a second year student at the University of Canterbury, studying mechanical engineering who hopes to help streamline and grow the NZPMC so we can enlighten more future kiwi scientists. In my spare time I like to make things, play video games, and spend my money irresponsibly. I also enjoy talking in first person. 

Business Team

Ashlen Kaur

Ashlen is a second year student at the University of Auckland. She is studying a Bachelor of Engineering. Her responsibilities lie on the logistical side of things to ensure that all company operations and events run efficiently. Lately, most of her spare time has been dedicated to crocheting and sewing. 

Grace Pui

Grace is a high school student with aspirations to study engineering. Through her role overseeing marketing, she hopes to promote accessibility of physics and mathematics for secondary students. She is a proud cat mom and in her free time, she enjoys watching variety shows and movies. (But to be honest most of her free time is dedicated to sleeping.) 

Amaya Lichauco

Amaya is a high school student who is excited to continue learning about the ever-changing fields of physics and computer science next year at university. By working with the NZPMC, she hopes to establish meaningful relationships with sponsors so that students who share her passion for physics can continue to participate in the competition. When she’s not preparing for the NZ Big Sing Finale or teaching herself machine learning fundamentals, Amaya enjoys binge-reading (and eating), divulging to her friends about what-in-the-world they’re doing in her dreams (while smirking, of course), and engaging in heated discussions about deeply philosophical questions: does pineapple belong on pizza? (“Absolutely not.”)

Charlotte Wen

Charlotte is a final year high school student with aspirations to study medicine. Through her role in overseeing marketing, she hopes to make maths and physics more rewarding for secondary students (despite being a bio kid). Charlotte is a supportive friend and is always open to warm hugs and conservations, and likes to spend her free time reading, gaming or having (deeply) philosophical discussions with friends. 

Roger Yang

Roger is currently studying for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Property conjoint at the University of Auckland. He is a callisthenics enthusiast.

Trisan Ethan Huynh

Trisan is in his final year of high school and has a particular interest in Physics and English. He intends to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Applied Physics (Space Systems) at the University of Auckland. In his downtime, he can be found listening to music, taking photos of birds, reading, or playing a wide range of sports. His pen of choice is a 0.7mm Pilot Acroball, which will undoubtedly help him market and promote the NZPMC to countless universities and students over the coming years. Additionally, he is far cooler than Wilco. 

George Liu

George is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Science in Data Science at the University of Auckland. His responsibilities lie in helping organise workshops for the NZPMC, as well as providing insights to the organisation as an analyst. He enjoys partaking in academic competitions. He also loves making up stuff  (in both literal senses), like building PC’s or keyboards, or telling stories through composing music or playing D&D.

Magee Ying

Magee is a second year student at the University of Auckland, studying a Bachelor of Science in Data Science. He is a member of the workshop team, where the team cooperates to provide service for NZPMC. Outside of school, Magee is passionate about exploring nature, hiking and travelling. 

Academic Team

Oliver Dai

Oliver Dai is a first year undergraduate student taking the Natural Science Tripos at the University of Cambridge, with the dream of becoming a Materials Scientist. With the NZPMC he aims for and is currently working hard to realise New Zealand’s participation in the International Physics Olympiad. In his spare time, he likes to read about/watch quantum mechanics, Confucian philosophy, geography, energy engineering and Chinese history. And occasionally listen to a bit of Chinese Opera. And is a staunch supporter of the King’s Gambit and fan of Xu Xin. 

Ray Wang

I am a second year university student at the University of New South Wales. I am doing a double degree in software engineering and mathematics. Throughout high school, my favourite subjects by far were physics and mathematics. I have had a fun experience competing in NZPMC in 2021, accompanied with decent success. My goals for NZPMC can be summed up by trying to add questions that are high quality and non-ambiguous, interesting, and fun to solve. In my spare time I enjoy going for jogs, playing piano, browsing the internet, and in general anything that’s relaxing.

Conrad Hart

Conrad is a second year Engineering student at the University of Auckland. His responsibilities include overseeing the smooth running of the academic side of the NZPMC. Outside of his role he enjoys coding, playing saxophone, and copious amounts of retail therapy.

James Wang

James is currently completing his last year at Burnside High School with the intention of pursuing a degree in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. He’s had a wonderful time participating in the NZPMC for the past three years and has chosen to aid in the preparation of questions for future rounds. In his spare time he enjoys studying physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Wilco Ng

Wilco is a Year 13 student and is particularly fond of both mathematics and physics. He’s looking to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Applied Physics (Space Systems) at the University of Auckland. As for hobbies, he enjoys a wide range of activities from ultimate frisbee, biking to look at other people’s dogs, and buying a mountain of pens he’ll never use. His role for NZPMC is to produce questions which will make other students cry. He is also cooler than Trisan. 

Ibrahim Waheed

Ibrahim is a high schooler beginning his engineering/science journey in 2023. Being a certified anti-bio-man he hopes to spread the good word of physics and mathematics to the good students of New Zealand (and maybe Australia?? or EARTH [NZPMC global takeover?!?!?]). May still leave you cowering in fear with his sadistic questions, stay tuned. Hobbies are on a rotation, you would never guess what he’s up to at any point (but napping and procrastinating is a safe bet). 

Luke Zhu

Luke is in his final year of high school and interested in all things mathematics. His main role has him working as an NZPhO Officer on the academic team. This involves fielding a team of bright kiwi physicists to compete in the International Physics Olympiad; the aim of this is not only to create opportunities for aspiring kiwi STEM students, but also to bring Aotearoa to the world stage. Outside of this, he can be found either honing his GeoGuessr skills or thinking about mathematics. 

Deboprana Mallick

I am Deboprana, currently a Year 13 student, and am interested in all the subjects that I am doing this year, which includes Mathematics and Physics. I have enjoyed participating in the NZPMC this year, and I look forward to spreading my love for Physics as part of the NZPhO team. 

Development Team

Nate Williamson (he/him)

Nate is a second year Software Engineering/Physics student at the University of Auckland. His roles require him to work with MERNjs on the company site and coordinate with the individual NZPMC teams towards unified goals. He loves derivations, especially as a tool for understanding concepts, and will routinely lose track of time engrossed in a good novel. 

Hosea Tong-Ho 

Kay Tang 

Kevin Cheung 

Richard Zhang