That's right! The NZPMC Workshops are events held in-person for the purpose of getting students involved in Physics, Mathematics, STEM and NZPMC. They aim to inspire young minds to pursue studies in the constantly growing STEM field and compete in the NZPMC. These events also help students prepare for the NZPMC, by providing them with consistent and important updates on the curriculum of the competition, as well as upcoming dates to look out for such as registration opening/closing, competition start dates (Round 1 and Round 2), and future workshop dates. Outside of the workshop events, the online student forum run by the workshop team is a great place to have any burning questions answered, or just to chat with like-minded people. 

Our very first NZPMC Introduction workshop will provide students insight into what the NZPMC is, how it is run and who it is run by. It’s also a great chance to network with other students and NZPMC staff, make some new friends and have some fun with the activities we have planned for the event.

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