Daniel Lough (Y9) and James Wang (Y11) both from Burnside High School achieved 3rd and 1st place respectively in the junior division.

Enlightening Future Kiwi Scientists

The NZPMC is a nationwide standardised Physics and Mathematics Competition for High School students of all year levels throughout New Zealand. Our goal is to help young Kiwi Scientists to extend their interest in Physics and Mathematics by providing a standardised national competition in a test-format, rather than a competition that involves extensive research or a project. The NZPMC is a competition created to test candidates' ability to use their Physics and Mathematics knowledge to tackle a wide range of problems based on Physical and Mathematical theory that matches competitions provided overseas, nationally.

Students from all over the country

On 15th July 2021, hundreds of students from across the country have participated. This includes a handful of homeschooling students and students from Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland, Hamilton, Whangarei, Queenstown, and many other cities. We encourage all high school student of any ability and year level to participate in our competition. If you are in intermediate, you may participate in our competition under the year 9 category.

The competition is open to any Physics and Mathematics students from Year 9 to Year 13 of any high school curriculum. There will be two separate papers for Junior division (Y9-Y11) and Senior division (Y12-13).

If you are a teacher or students interested in the competition, fill out the Expression of Interest form at eoi.nzpmc.com to be on our mailing list for future updates.

Our competition is sponsored and endorsed by the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury. Quality assurance on questions will be done by markers and professors. Staff with extensive experience in teaching the NZQA curriculum will also take part in quality checks to ensure that questions will be of a difficulty level that will match students' abilities.

Tobias Devereux of Kavanagh College placed top of the country as a year 12 student.

For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ. Alternatively, you can email contact.nzpmc@gmail.com for further queries.