Practice Questions

We expect students to be prepared for the topics listed in "What Do We Test" under Resources.

Sample questions were designed only show the breadth and quality of questions that will be used in the actual competition. This will allow students to be aware of the level of understanding required for each topic to do well in the competition. The emphasis and proportion of each topic may be different on the day of the competition, compared to what is seen in the sample questions.

The questions and workings provided intellectual properties of The NZPMC Ltd, and unauthorised distribution/modification/uses of materials in any way other than studying for the competition are prohibited. 

Junior Practice Questions

NZPMC Round 1 Junior Practice Questions

Senior Practice Questions

Electricity questions and answers
Quantum questions and answers
Waves questions and answers
Mechanics questions and answers
Maths Practice Questions and answers

Note: Archived sample questions are no longer available, as they no longer reflect the style or quality of questions of the NZPMC.